Dwan Perry, DO, was recently promoted to associate professor in the UK College of Medicine Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He shares more about his journey to academic medicine and offers advice for faculty interested in pursuing a promotion.

Q: What inspired you to go into academic medicine?

A: Mentorship and the ability to assist future physicians in overcoming our common obstacles in the learning process and navigating medicine in general. I think my successes and setbacks are experiences that our residents and students can use as stepping stools to excel in the future. Academic medicine is an interactive mode of learning and utilizing cutting-edge medicine.

Q: Why did you decide to work toward a promotion?

A: I believed that I had contributed significantly in the form of teaching, mentoring, clinical work, and scholarly activity at a level that the University would recognize. After consultation with my peers, I felt strongly that this would be a testament to that work.

Q: What advice do you have for others going through the process?

A: I would say the process can seem daunting, but be diligent. Understand that you are contributing every day to your body of work in the form of formal and informal teaching, mentoring, writing research articles, and giving excellent patient care.

Keep account of those things and be ready to present yourself proudly. Stay in contact with a faculty mentor who has gone through this process to ensure you are on track and not becoming overwhelmed in the process.

Q: Beyond your faculty role, what are some organizations and programs you’re involved with in the college?

A: I enjoy my work with the UK College of Medicine admissions committee and our departmental diversity committee.

Q: What work have you been most proud of during your career?

A: Every day, I am proud to be able to practice medicine and see improvements in my patients. It is very fulfilling to see a positive change in a person’s quality of life, whether an athlete, weekend warrior, or someone living with a severe medical condition.

We can write book chapters, present tons of research, but to see your patients improve and be better than they were is the biggest accomplishment in a medical career to me.

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