Lisa Williams, MSSA, associate dean for wellness and well-being, has been selected for a prestigious national executive program helping leaders cultivate expertise in well-being for physicians and health care employees.

The Chief Wellness Officer Course at Stanford University is an annual one-week course bringing together nearly 50 physician well-being leaders across the country. The program will include lectures, group activities, and one-on-one sessions designed to teach participants principles and applications that contribute to physician well-being.

Williams will engage with national wellness leaders, acquire additional skills, and gain deeper insight necessary for helping the UK College of Medicine succeed in physician well-being, including how to best address the alarming trend of physician burnout.

“As our college trains more physicians, scientists, and physician-scientists to enter the field, it is imperative that we prioritize well-being, help reverse the trend of burnout, and enable their success,” said Acting Dean Charles Griffith, MD, MSPH. “With her initiative and expertise, Associate Dean Williams will greatly benefit our institution by taking part in this prestigious program.”

Williams started at the UK College of Medicine full-time in January and helped the college establish the Office of Wellness and Well-Being to bring a focused approach to organizational health. Since joining, she has developed connections with key leadership and has begun holding one-on-one listening sessions with department chairs. The next step will involve communication and coordination between her office and departments to work toward improved organizational well-being.

In addition, Williams has built communities through committee work and a Well-Being Alliance, gathering individuals from across the College of Medicine, University, and UK HealthCare. She has also introduced a quarterly newsletter that connects the college to important resources and features examples of college leaders who have shown initiative in improving their team’s culture of well-being. 

The Chief Wellness Officer Course will use the Stanford WellMD Professional Fulfillment Model and help Williams fulfill the following learning objectives:

  • Develop leadership skills to advance the UK College of Medicine’s physician wellness efforts
  • Create components of a strategic plan that will build and sustain a physician well-being program for the UK College of Medicine
  • Implement principles and identify programs that contribute to physician well-being including creating an efficient practice environment, cultivating personal resilience, and developing an organizational culture that fosters engagement and professional fulfillment 

Williams will attend the course from July 30-Aug. 4.