Sports Medicine

The UK Sports Medicine service has one of the nation’s most comprehensive Sports Medicine Centers, with decades of experience in treating sports-specific injuries and disorders. Our specialists have been chosen as official physicians for all UK Athletics as well as other regional collegiate programs and professional athletic organizations. Whether you're an occasional athlete or a professional, our goal is to help you return to, and even surpass, the level of athletic performance at which you performed prior to the injury. Actively involved in research, our surgeons routinely perform some of the most innovative surgical procedures in sports medicine. Our specialized areas of sports medicine training and experience are in the care and rehabilitation of:

  • Injuries of the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist and foot
  • Arthroscopy
  • Rehabilitation
  • On-the-field medical coverage


Our multidisciplinary team of sports medicine professionals provide injured athletes with a physician-directed program of treatment, rehabilitation and conditioning.  We offer the state's largest group of fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians.

Orthopaedic Attending Physicians

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For more information about Sports Medicine,  please visit our page at UK HealthCare Sports Medicine