Date Event Title Speaker
07/25/2023 Student Seminar: Caitlyn Smith - Alam Lab
07/13/2023 Faculty Seminar: Dr. Sarah D’Orazio
07/11/2023 Student Seminar: Gabriella Kalantar-Nikolajczyk Lab
06/27/2023 Student Seminar: Madison Flory
06/22/2023 Faculty Seminar: Dr. Katerina Wolf Dr. Katerina Wolf
06/20/2023 Faculty Seminar: Dr. Erin Garcia
06/13/2023 MIMG Faculty Candidate: Isidoro Cobo, PhD Seminar
05/23/2023 Student Seminar: Svetlana Zamakhaeva
05/09/2023 Seminar: James Brien, PhD "Antibody driven protection from Emerging Viral Pathogens" James Brien, PhD
04/04/2023 Student Seminar: Andrew Krusenstjerna - Stevenson Lab
03/28/2023 Student Seminar: Jamila Tucker - D'Orazio Lab
03/07/2023 Student Seminar: Nerina Jusufovic - Stevenson Lab
02/14/2023 Seminar: Jennifer Simkin, PhD “Macrophages: the gatekeepers of wound healing” Dr. Jennifer Simkin
01/17/2023 Seminar: Julia Dunn, PhD “Eosinophil Specialization in Epithelial Tissues: Through Homeostasis, Inflammation, and Resolution” Dr. Julia Dunn
01/10/2023 Seminar: Heather Caslin, PhD “Do adipose macrophages remember weight gain? Innate immune memory in weight cycling” Dr. Heather Caslin
12/19/2022 Seminar: Johannes Schlachetzki, MD "Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation of Microglia in Health and Neurodegenerative Diseases" Dr. Johannes Schlachetzki
12/13/2022 Seminar: Saurabh Chattopadhyay, PhD "Novel control of infection and inflammation by IRF3" Dr. Saurabh Chattopadhyay
12/13/2022 MIMG Faculty Candidate: Saurabh Chattopadhyay, PhD Seminar Dr. Saurabh Chattopadhyay
12/08/2022 Seminar: Ning Yang, PhD "Rational engineering of poxviruses for cancer immunotherapy" Dr. Ning Yang
12/06/2022 Guest Speaker Seminar: John R. Hackett, Jr., PhD Dr. John Hackett, Jr.
11/30/2022 Seminar: Aaron Mendez, PhD Seminar "The host-virus showdown: Changing course on viral disruption of host gene expression" Dr. Aaron Mendez
11/28/2022 Seminar: Maria Moreno-Fernandez Fields, PhD “Emerging role of CD4 T cell-inflammatory landscapes in NAFLD pathogenesis” Dr. Maria Moreno-Fernandez Fields
11/15/2022 Seminar: Gavin Ellis, PhD “Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Treg therapy for diabetes and transplantation: Paving the road to the clinic” Dr. Gavin Ellis
11/08/2022 Seminar: Siddarth Venkatesh, PhD "Chemosensation of microbial metabolites - endocannabinoid signaling in the gut" Dr. Siddarth Venkatesh
11/03/2022 Seminar: Alexander Price, PhD "Viral exploitation of RNA processing: a double-edged sword" Dr. Alexander Price
11/01/2022 Student Seminar: Erica Phillips - Garcia Lab
10/18/2022 Student Seminar: Ethan Napier - Messaoudi Lab
10/11/2022 Student Seminar: Nicholas Murner - Korotkova Lab
10/04/2022 Student Seminar: Joshua Nowacki - D'Orazio Lab
09/27/2022 Seminar: Christopher Radka, PhD “Bacterial lipids that modulate the immune response” Christopher Radka, Ph.D.
09/13/2022 Seminar: Josh Morganti, PhD “Microglial heterogeneity and susceptibility in a mouse model of mixed etiology dementia” Dr. Joshua Morganti
07/26/2022 Seminar
07/19/2022 Seminar: Michael Connor, PhD Michael Connor, PhD
07/12/2022 Seminar
07/05/2022 Seminar