The Graduate Student Data Club meets on the second Monday of each month in MS 403 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Dinner is provided.
Open to all microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics (MIMG) graduate students and first-year integrated biomedical sciences students doing rotations in MIMG labs. The club is a great way to promote the professional development of graduate students and build and strengthen the graduate community within the microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics department.

Faculty Advisor:  Sarah D'Orazio, PhD

Date Presenters
8/14/2023 MIMG Retreat - No Data Club
9/11/2023 Heather True (Messaoudi Lab) and Hoda Saghaeiannajad (Van Lanen Lab)
10/9/2023 Madison Flory (Alam Lab) and Jamila Tucker (D’Orazio Lab)
11/13/2023 Madison Blanton (Messaoudi Lab) and Nick Murner (Korotkova Lab)
12/11/2023 Joshua Nowacki (D’Orazio Lab) and Erica Phillips (Garcia Lab)
1/8/2024 Andrew Krusenstjerna (Stevenson Lab) and Svetlana Zamakhaeva (Korotkova Lab)
2/12/2024 Ethan Napier (Messaoudi Lab) and Caitlyn Smith (Alam Lab)
3/11/2024 Nerina Jusufovic (Stevenson Lab) and Caroline Hawk (Fields Lab)
4/8/2024 Gracie Eicher (Fields Lab) and Hady Sabra (Miller Lab)
5/13/2024 TBD