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Olivia Hage



  • MD/PhD Student
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Gordon Laboratory

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Biography and Education


Originally from Boston, I grew up outside of Philadelphia before attending the Pennsylvania State University. There, I studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and conducted research in multiple laboratories. These projects included creating fluorescent flavivirus clones to image viral migration patterns in microcephaly and exploring apoptotic and inflammatory signaling in Autoimmune Regulator Protein Deficient (Aire -/-) keratinocytes. I also studied various stress signaling mechanisms in altered hematopoiesis seen in pediatric Cytokine Storm Syndromes (CSS) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, with the MD/PhD that introduced me to this career path.


Current Year: G1
B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Pennsylvania State University
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA