MD/PhD Monthly Meetings – Third Wednesday of Every Month

  • You will be excused from only one monthly meeting per year; you must notify the office prior.
  • M3 and M4 students are allowed to request an excused absence through the College of Medicine.


Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, generally the first Thursday of the month.

  • When the MD/PhD program is the host it is required for all to attend the DDLS.
  • Students are encouraged but not required to attend all other DDLS talks.

MD/PhD Student Presentations at CCTS Seminar

MD/PhD Student Graduation Dinner

Students are encouraged to publish two manuscripts of original graduate work during your graduate years.

Annual MD/PhD Program Retreat

  • Any student unable to attend must notify the Director 30 days’ prior for program approval.

*If you do not attend without obtaining prior approval you will be charged for your portion of the trip.

Recruitment Activities – Interview Weekends and Second Look

  • Other social events during the year are encouraged but not required.

Annual MD/PhD Research Day with the CCTS Spring Conference

  • Present at the poster session
  • Attend MD/PhD student talks

Students are required to attend thesis defenses of other MD/PhD students.

  • Exceptions will be made for students with prior approval from the program.

Students are required to submit a F30 grant application within their second year of graduate work.

Annual Meeting with the Directors

  • Annually, the Directors of the MD-PhD Program will meet with each individual MD/ PhD student, to review student progress, provide advice, evaluate future plans, and solicit feedback on the program. Each student should provide the MD-PhD Office with an individual development plan.