Laboratory Rotations For MD/PhD Students

All students are required to perform two laboratory rotations during the first two years of medical school. These can be performed in the summers before M1 and M2 or during the school year. Participation in one of the student fellowship programs listed below will count towards a research rotation. A research rotation form must be submitted to the MD/PhD Program office prior to the start of each rotation.


Before and after each rotation, please complete the following forms:

Rotation Evaluation Rubric

Rotation Form


For additional information on fellowships, please refer to the Research Opportunities page.

Medical Student to Graduate Student (M2 to G1) Transition

During this transitional time, it is very important to work with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in your PhD department. The DGS will review the departmental requirements, e.g. courses, qualifying exam, etc.

5 UK students posing with their white coats

For additional information regarding medical and graduate school transitions, please refer to the program's SharePoint.