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Location: Zoom
Event Category: Workshop
Sponsor: UK College of Medicine, Office of Faculty Affairs and Development
Speaker: Sarah Oros, MD, Thaddeus Salmon, MD, and Anna-Maria South, MD

Additional Event Information

Substance Use Disorders: Quick Wins for Every Specialty 

Participants will be empowered to provide evidence-based interventions for common substance use disorders. Information will be clinically relevant for inpatient and ambulatory practice.


  1. Discuss the most effective methods to aid tobacco cessation.
  2. Explain a destigmatized approach to common challenges for inpatients with opioid use disorder.
  3. Select evidence-based interventions for alcohol use disorder.


Thaddeus Salmon, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Pediatrics

Sarah Oros, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Anna-Maria South, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine