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Duncan C. MacIvor, MD

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  • Associate Professor

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B.A. in Zoology - Ohio Wesleyan University (1972)MD - The Ohio State University (1976)CP Residency - Virginia Commonwealth University (2007)Transfusion Medicine Fellowship - University of Pittsburgh (2008)

Selected Publications

Representative Publications & Other Scholarly Work:

MacIvor D, Nelson J, Triulzi D. Impact of intraoperative red blood cell salvage on transfusion requirements and outcomes in radical prostatectomy.  Transfusion 2009; 49(7):1431-4.

Sherman CH, MacIvor D.  “Blood Utilization: Fostering an Effective Hospital Transfusion Culture” 2012; Jo Clin Anesth; 24,155

MacIvor D, Rebel A, Hassan Z.  “How do we integrate thromboelastography with perioperative transfusion management?”  Transfusion 2013; 53(7):1386-92

Boral L, Staubach Z, DeLeeuw R, MacIvor D, et al. Comparison of Outcomes of Group O vs Non-Group O Premature neonates Receiving Group O RBC Transfusion. Am J Clin Pathol 2013; 140:780-6

Lutz C, Rayapati P, MacIvor D, Jennings,CD. Broadly reactive Anti-HLA Following a Single Unit Transfusion with Non-Leukoreduced RBC. Brief report  e-publication March 2014 in The American Surgeon.

Boral LI, Bernard A, Hjorth T, Davenport D, Zhang D, MacIvor D. How do I implement a more restrictive transfusion trigger of hemoglobin of 7 g/dL at my hospital?  Transfusion 2015;55(5):937-45