Robert J McDonald, DO
Director of Surgical Pathology

  • Kim Absher, MD
  • Kristi Adams, MD
  • Derek Allison, MD
  • S. Emily Bachert, MD
  • Thèrése Bocklage, MD
  • Virgilius Cornea, MD
  • Julie Dueber, MD
  • Melissa Kesler, MD
  • Eun Lee, MD
  • Robert McDonald, DO
  • Janna Neltner, MD
  • Sahar Nozad, MD
  • William O'Connor, MD
  • Mary O'Daniel-Pierce, MD
  • Dava Piecoro, MD
  • Protima Rayapati, MD
  • Dana Richards, MD
  • Justin Rueckert, DO
  • Nathan Shelman, MD
  • Molly Tovar, MD
  • Dianne Wilson, MD
Dr. Emmy Mbagwu consults with Michelle Washington, PA in the Gross Room.
Dr. Emmy Mbagwu consults with Michelle Washington, PA, in the gross room.


  • Shawna Baker, MBA, PA (ASCP) - Associate Director of Anatomic Pathology
  • Monika Ellis, HT (ASCP) - Immunohistochemistry Master Technologist
  • Robyn Gianneschi, PA (ASCP) - Pathologist Assistant
  • Teresa Kaenzig, HT (ASCP) - Histology Supervisor
  • Stephen Kilgore, PA (ASCP) - Pathologist Assistant
  • Michelle Washington, PA (ASCP) - Pathologist Assistant


The surgical pathology lab hosts the following types of learners on a regular basis: surgical pathology fellowships, pathology residents, and fourth-year medical students. 

Dr. Shelman presenting a surg path unknown slide conference.
Dr. Nathan Shelman presenting a case at an unknown case slide conference.


Surgical Pathology

This service handles more than 30,000 cases each year from routine gastrointestinal and gynecological specimens to complex, multi-organ resections.


A newly renovated lab processes and cuts more than 150,000 blocks per year in addition to special stains, muscle biopsies, and other services.


Up-to-date immunohistochemical stainers provide a wide selection of immunohistochemical stains, in situ hybridization, and immunofluorescence.

Digital Pathology

Recently introduced whole-slide imaging technology allows for remote frozen section interpretation, archiving, tumor boards, and educations.


Subspecialty-trained faculty are available to provide consultation services for complex and challenging cases.