Derek Allison, MD, and Dava Piecoro, MD, are co-authors of an article titled “Precision Medicine in Cytopathology” which was accepted for publication in Surgical Pathology Clinics. The link to the publication is Congratulations to you both!

Dr. Derek Allison is senior author on a recently published CAP Today article titled “Cytopathology in focus—POU2F3: A new IHC marker for small cell lung cancer with low neuroendocrine marker expression”.  The link to the publication is Cytopathology in focus—POU2F3: A new IHC marker for small cell lung cancer with low neuroendocrine marker expression - CAP TODAY ( Great work Dr. Allison!

Juanita Ferreira, MD, has been very busy.  Last week, she officially became a US citizen!  In addition, she is co-first author and co-author of two newly published articles.  See below for the details.  Congratulations Dr. Ferreira!

  • Co-first author on an article recently published in the journal Leukemia and Lymphoma. The title of the article is “A de novo germline RUNX1 variant preceding development of concurrent T-lymphoblastic leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome”.  Additional authors are from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, California.  PMID: 38733629 DOI: 10.1080/10428194.2024.2347577
  • Co-author on an article recently published in the journal Pediatric Blood and Cancer. The title of the article is “Development of second genetically distinct T-lymphoblastic leukemia in a pediatric patient”. Additional authors are from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and Children's Hospital Los Angeles, California. PMID: 38736199 DOI: 10.1002/pbc.31050

Melissa Kesler, MD, was recognized as Outstanding Supporting Faculty at this year’s Hematology and Oncology Fellowship Graduation.  Congratulations Dr. Kesler!

Robert Maynard, PhD, has also been very busy!  Excellent work Dr. Maynard!

  • He has been invited to join a 3-member Q&A panel to answer questions about UK Point of Care’s experience with the rollout of the new GEM 7000 blood gas instruments. 
  • His scientific session titled “The Anatomy of the Grey Zone: Ambiguous Immunofixation/Immunotyping Results and How to Objectively Approach Interpretation" was selected for presentation at the upcoming 2024 Association for Diagnostics and Laboratory Medicine (ADLM) Annual Scientific Meeting.  This work was a collaboration with colleagues from the University of New Mexico and Memorial Sloan Kettering.
  • His round table presentation titled “Gels From Hell: Overcoming Difficult-To-Interpret Serum Protein Electrophoresis and Immunofixation Test Findings” was also selected for presentation at the ADLM Annual Meeting.
  • His article “Personalized Reproductive Hormone Monitoring in Sweat” was accepted for publication in the “News & Views” section of the journal Clinical Chemistry.

Justin Rueckert, DO, was recently appointed by the UK COM to be a member of the Medical Student Curriculum Committee (MSCC).  This is a critical committee with significant impact on the medical school curriculum being considered for future classes.  For Pathology to have a role in this process is crucial.  Congratulations Dr. Rueckert!

Shulin Zhang, MD, PhD, Sainan Wei, MD, PhD, and Thèrése Bocklage, MD, are co-authors on a recent publication in JCO Precision Oncology titled “Feasibility and Clinical Utility of Reporting Hereditary Cancer Predisposition Pathogenic Variants Identified in Research Germline Sequencing: A Prospective Interventional Study”. This study was part of the ORIEN project and is a collaboration with multiple clinicians from Markey Cancer Center. Dr. Jill Kolesar is the lead author. Excellent work everyone!

Leanna Brignola has been elected as a Senator to the University of Kentucky Staff Senate representing the EVPHA Sector!  Leanna will serve a three-year term representing staff throughout UK HealthCare and the College of Medicine.  Congratulations, Leanna!

Resident update:  All of our PGY4s have completed their ABP board examinations.  Please send good thoughts their way for success!