Derek Allison, MD, Bob McDonald, DO, Dava Piecoro, MD, Jing Di, MD, and Shengyi Zhang, MD, along with Emily Bachert, MD, Patrick Hensley, MD and Myint, MD and medical student Heather Short, are senior author (Dr. Allison) and co-authors on a recent article that has been published by the journal Human Pathology.  The article is titled “TRPS1 expression in primary and metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma, muscle invasive bladder urothelial carcinoma, and breast carcinoma: Is TRPS1 truly specific and sensitive for a breast primary?” and was presented as a platform presentation in the GU section at USCAP last year.  This is a truly collaborative effort, congratulations to all of you!


Dr. Derek Allison has more good news!  The current issue of CAP Today has two articles co-written by Dr. Allison. “Thoracic SMARCA4-deficient undifferentiated tumor” which can be found here Thoracic SMARCA4-deficient undifferentiated tumor - CAP TODAY ( and “Reporting urine cytology: how Paris 2.0 differs from 1.0” which can be found here Reporting urine cytology: how Paris 2.0 differs from 1.0 - CAP TODAY (  Excellent work Dr. Allison!


Asma Arshia, MD and Jing Di, MD were each selected as 2024 CAP Foundation Leadership Development Award recipients!  Read more about this exciting accomplishment on our website…; Congratulations to both of you, we are very proud!


Dr. Jing Di has been very busy.  Her abstract titled “Characterizing the Small Cell Lung Cancer Tumor Immune Microenvironment for Precision Immunotherapy: A Pilot Study” has won third place in the 2024 Chinese American Pathologists Association GoPath Best Abstract Award Competition!  This abstract was co-authored by Dana Napier and Kim Absher, MD, Emily Bachert, MD, Therese Bocklage, MD, Akif Guney MD, Justin Miller, PhD and Dava Piecoro, MD. The award, including a certificate and check, will be presented at the 2024 CAPA Annual Meeting in March in Baltimore, MD.  Excellent work everyone!


The Department was able to provide funding for two projects this year with our Departmental Research Grant Awards.  These projects are collaborative efforts lead by Pathology residents and faculty.  The two projects that received funding this year were submitted by Katie Bussing, MD, and Justin Rueckert, DO, and Drs. Jing Di and Shulin Zhang.  See the details below.  Congratulations researchers!

Title: Utilization of the Autopsy Report in Death Certification

Faculty PI: Justin Rueckert

Trainee investigator: Katie Bussing

Title: A SNPs-based Genomic Approach of Cell Line Multiplexing for Candidate Drug Screening

Faculty PI: Shulin Zhang

Trainee investigator: Jing Di

Co-investigators: Chunming Liu, Chi Wang


Jeongeun Do, MD, received 2024-2025 Mentorship Award from the American Society of Dermatopathology (ASDP). “The American Society of Dermatopathology (ASDP) is pleased to offer you a 2024-2025 Mentorship Award in the amount of $3,000. Your application was among an exceptional field of candidates. As a mentorship awardee, you are required to present a poster outlining your project at the ASDP Annual Meeting immediately following completion of your mentorship scheduled for July/August, 2024 with Dr. Woo Cheal Cho (Dermatopathologist at MD Anderson). To assist you in attending the annual meeting, we are pleased to offer complimentary meeting registration and three-night hotel accommodations at the meeting hotel. In addition, you must submit a one-page written report summarizing your experience and benefit from participating in the mentorship program and final expenses.”