Derek Allison, MD is Co-investigator on a newly awarded grant from the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services.  The grant is titled “Supplemental:  FY25 Overcoming Treatment Resistance in Wilms Tumor by PT” and is a collaboration with the Department of Radiation Medicine and Vivek Rangnekar, MD, who is the PI. Congratulations Dr. Allison!


Dr. Derek Allison has more good news!  He will be serving as the Co-Leader of the Markey Cancer Center Prostate Cancer Transdisciplinary Working Group.  This appointment will provide salary support and collaboration across multiple departments. Excellent work Dr. Allison!


Jeongeun Do, MD, is first author on an article recently accepted for publication in the journal Diagnostic Cytopathology.  The title of the article is “An Isolated Sacral Promyelocytic Sarcoma in a Child:  A Rare Case Report with Emphasis on Cytomorphology”. Co-authors on the article are Talal Arshad, MD, Juanita Ferreira, MD, Leo Yenwongfai, MD, Hafsa Nebbache, MD, Derek Allison, MD, Dava Piecoro, MD, and Melissa Kesler, MD. A truly collaborative effort in Pathology!  Excellent work everyone!


Eun Lee, MD, is Co-investigator on a newly funded grant from the National Cancer Institute.  The grant is titled “Fatty Acid Synthase as a Novel Molecular Target for Colon Cancer Treatment” and is a collaboration with Markey Cancer Center and other departments and the PI is Iannyan Gao, MD. Congratulations Dr. Lee!


Peter Nelson, MD, PhD, is a Co-investigator on a newly awarded grant from the National Institute on Aging.  The grant is titled “Emerging role of PAD4 mediated TDP-43 citrullination in the neuropathology of LATE and Alzheimer’s Disease Related Dementias” and is a collaboration with Sanders-Brown and the Department of Neurology.  The PI is Maj-Linda Selenica, MD. Congratulations Dr. Nelson!


Wangxia Wang, PhD, is the senior author on a recent publication in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences titled “Sex-Biased Expression and Response of microRNAs in Neurological Diseases and Neurotrauma”.  Dr. Peter Nelson is a co-author on this publication.  Excellent work Drs. Wang and Nelson!