Derek Allison, MD, Nathan Shelman, MD, and Shulin Zhang,MD, PhD, are co-investigators on a newly funded grant from the Kentucky Pediatric Cancer Research Trust Fund (KPCRTF).  The project is “Project Inherited Cancer Risk” and John D’Orazio, MD, is the PI.  This project is a collaboration with Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville.  Congratulations to all of you!


Dr. Derek Allison has more good news!  He is second author on a newly published article in PLoS Genetics titled “Phosphorylation of AHR by PLK1 promotes metastasis of LUAD via DIO2-TH signaling”.  This article is a collaboration between the Evers lab and the Liu lab and can be found at this link  In addition, Dr. Allison is a co-investigator on a newly funded grant from the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services titled “FY25 Overcoming Treatment Resistance in Wilms Tumor by PT”.  Vivek Rangnekar, MD is the PI on this grant. Excellent work Dr. Allison!


Therese Bocklage, MD, Sainan Wei, MD, PhD, and Shulin Zhang, MD, PhD are co-authors on a recent article that has been accepted for publication by the journal JCO Precision Oncology.  The article is titled “Feasibility and Clinical Utility of Reporting Hereditary Cancer Predisposition Pathogenic Variants Identified in Research Germline Sequencing: A Prospective Interventional Study” and is a product based on the ORIEN study.  Great work everyone!


Cody Bumgardner, PhD is a co-investigator on a newly funded grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse titled “Appalachian Tobacco Regulatory Science Team (AppalTRuST)”.  This opportunity is a collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry.  Excellent work Dr. Bumgardner!


Hafsa Nebbache, MD has been appointed Chief Resident for the 2024-25 academic year.  Congratulations Dr. Nebbache!


Justin Rueckert, DO has been appointed to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine Student Progress and Promotion Committee.  His term on this important committee will be effective January 1, 2024 and go through June 30, 2026.  Congratulations Dr. Rueckert!


Wangxia Wang, PhD was recently awarded a $300,000 grant from the Kentucky Spinal Cord and Head Injury Research Trust.  The title of the project is “A miRNA-based liposome nanoparticle intervention to treat secondary injury following traumatic brain injury in mice” and will be funded over three years.  Congratulations Dr. Wang!


Dr. Shulin Zhang has been awarded a CCTS Small Grant for his proposal titled “A Novel Genomic Approach Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)“.  Great work Dr. Zhang!


Once again our residents are making great strides in research!  See below for the list of abstracts accepted for USCAP 2024!

Jing Di, MD, PhD has two abstracts accepted!

  • The first is titled “Characterizing the Small Cell Lung Cancer Tumor Immune Microenvironment for Precision Immunotherapy: A Pilot Study” and is co-authored by Dana Napier and Kim Absher, MD,  Emily Bachert, MD,  Therese Bocklage, MD,  Akif Guney, MD, Justin Miller, PhD, and Dava Piecoro, MD.  Excellent collaboration everyone!
  • The second is titled “Gene Mutations Associated with Prognosis and Acute Myeloid Leukemia Transformation in Appalachian Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia Cohort” and is co-authored by Talal Arshad, MD, Reinhold Munker, MD, Sainan Wei, MD, PhD, and Leo Yenwongfai, MD.  Congratulations to all!


Jeongeun Do, MD has one abstract accepted!

  • The abstract is titled “Predicting Positive Margins on Excisions for Invasive Breast Carcinomas” and her co-authors are Drs. Derek Allison and Emily Bachert.  Great work everyone!


Faisal Hassan, MD has one abstract accepted!

  • The abstract is titled “Folliculin (FLCN) Alterations in Thyroid Carcinoma: Incidence, Significance and Extraordinary Role as a Driver Gene in an Aggressive Mixed Papillary and Oncocytic Thyroid Carcinoma” and is co-authored by Drs. Derek Allison, Therese Bocklage, Julie Dueber and Bob McDonald.  Exciting work everyone!


Dr. Hafsa Nebbache has had two abstracts accepted, one of which as a Platform Presentation! 

  • The title of the platform presentation is “Novel, Adult-Learning-Based Pathology Core Curriculum (PCC): Components, Correlations and Critiques of a Program Now in Place 4.5 Years” and her co-authors are Leanna Brignola, Drs. Derek Allison, Therese Bocklage, Bob McDonald, DO, Janna Neltner, MD, Sahar Nozad, MD, Justin Rueckert and Aaron Shmookler, MD.  Great work all of you! 
  • The title of the second abstract is “Institution Review: Are Eosinophils in Appendiceal Muscularis Propria Indicative of an Associated Enterobius Vermicularis Infestation?” and her co-authors are Drs. Justin Rueckert, Shadi Qasem, MD and Nuha Shaker, MD.  Great work!