The UK College of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Critical Care  is dedicated to ensuring quality critical care from the time patients enter the emergency department to the time they leave the department and are transported to the ICU. We are dedicated to comprehensive critical care, from neurointensive care to airway emergencies, sepsis, post-arrest care, advanced hemodynamic monitoring, critical care ultrasound, and beyond. Throughout training, our residents get hands on critical care in a variety of different settings, including the pediatric, pulmonary, anesthesia, and surgical intensive care units.

Residency Program

Beginning July 1, 2021, The UK College of Medicine Division of Critical Care is proud to sponsor residents interested in pursuing a career in critical care through the UK EM critical care track.  The purpose is To provide emergency medicine residents the opportunity to become more adept in management of critically ill patients and be well prepared and competitive for critical care fellowship.  Residents who complete the emergency medicine critical care track will earn a letter of completion at their graduation.

The track includes:

  • One on one mentoring with critical care faculty

  • Dedicated critical care journal clubs

  • Participation in the ED and enterprise resuscitation committee

  • Dedicated critical care reading list

  • Participation in the critical care lecture series

  • Facilitation of additional internal and external ICU rotations

  • Sponsorship to a critical care conference

Critical Care Faculty