Course Description 

This course fulfills the requirement for a secondary acting internship.

This course will provide the student with a more intensive introduction to the field of emergency medicine and the approach to the acutely ill or injured patient. Particular emphasis is placed on the acute evaluation of the undifferentiated patient in close collaboration with seasoned clinical preceptors. Students from outside UK and from UK interested in a career in emergency medicine should take this course early the fourth year of medical school. 

Learning activities will include: clinical work (shifts in emergency department), attending workshops, and attending resident conference. 


  1. Perform a directed history and physical and succinctly communicate this to a preceptor physician. 

  2. Learn the approach to the undifferentiated acutely ill patient. 

  3. Learn to manage patients who are ill whose diagnosis is uncertain. 

  4. Develop and refine clinical skills pertinent to emergency medicine. 

  5. Learn the core concepts of emergency medicine. 

  6. Interact with UK College of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine faculty and residents. 

  7. Develop the ability to quickly assess the patient's condition using relevant history and directed physical examination with a selective use of ancillary services to arrive at an efficient and effective emergency assessment and management.

  8. Understand how the emergency department relates to other departments and services. 

  9. Multiple workshops (case simulation and emergency airway, ultrasound, and toxicology) 

  10. Develop and improve skills in procedures used in the emergency department such as radiograph interpretation, suturing, establishment of intravenous lines, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, splinting, dressings, and other invasive procedures. 

  11. Orientation is mandatory. The student will choose their schedule from a list of pre-made tracks. The student will need to choose the track that best accommodates their needs with regard to time off. 

Evaluation Method

  1. Preceptor written evaluations and direct observation evaluation. 

  2. Weekly workshop and resident conference attendance 

  3. Comprehensive written examination covering the reading material. NOTE: To enroll in ER 843 for period 1 - period 4 is reserved for students applying to emergency medicine, you must obtain the permission of the course director. 

Maximum number of students per period

Blocks 1-4: 10 

Block 5-10 : 7 


Permission of instructor for periods 1-4. For permission email Dr. Katirji and Kirsten Morant with information regarding your career plans and why you want this rotation at the requested time. 

Notes for visiting student applicants

Visiting students are welcome. Apply through the UK College of Medicine visiting student program and VSAS. 

Visiting student AI scholarship

Acting Internship Scholarship

In an effort to recruit residents from diverse backgrounds, the University of Kentucky College of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine is pleased to offer an acting internship (AI) scholarship to underrepresented minority medical students. The scholarship provides $2,000 to cover the costs of travel, lodging, and other expenses associated with the four-week rotation. Two scholarship awards are available.

Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants must be rising or current fourth-year medical students from underrepresented backgrounds (racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identification) in good academic standing currently enrolled in accredited United States medical schools who plan on entering into a career in emergency medicine.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Once approved for the rotation, and to apply for this scholarship, please email the following short essays to Dr. Katelyn Yackey (, Dr. Linda Katirji (, and Kirsten Morant (

  1. Describe how your status as an underrepresented minority in medicine has impacted your medical education and/or experiences within healthcare. (250 words or less)

  2. Describe your past activities and future plans to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine. (250 words or less)

Additional information

If you are applying for a rotation during the first four rotation periods (up to the October/November block) please upload the following to VSAS: 

  1. USMLE scores for allopathic students 

  2. COMLEX scores for osteopathic students 

  3. A brief explanation of your interest in our program and your intentions for residency (letter of interest/intent). Offers of rotations in the department of emergency medicine will be held for ONE WEEK ONLY. If you have not accepted this rotation within one week of the day it is offered, the offer will be withdrawn. (Other departments allow two weeks for a response.)