Congratulations to Mairead Moloney, PhD, associate professor of sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences, for receiving a CHET Just-in-Time award for her project “Too tired to sleep: A social-ecological exploration of insomnia in Appalachian women.”

This study focuses on insomnia in women aged 45 and older because this population has the highest risk for insomnia. This qualitative study aims to better understand the insomnia experiences of Appalachian women by framing interview themes within the context of Grandner’s social-ecological model of sleep.

Dr. Moloney’s research involves identifying and reducing health disparities among rural populations. She utilizes mixed methods and community-engaged design to improve health equity among underserved populations while emphasizing sleep improvement, mental health, and substance use. Dr. Moloney’s population of interest is Appalachian adults.

CHET funding for this project will enable Dr. Moloney to register for and attend the June 2023 SLEEP meetings as part of the 37th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS.