May 2019 SPARK Program

In May of 2019, CHET launched a pilot of the SPARK program. Three students received intense training on developing research questions, research conduct, IRB proposals and budget development, and health equity. With active membership from CHET and community and faculty members, the SPARKlers developed the following research projects:

Sidney Bibbs

Bachelor of Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory Science, Minors in Spanish and Music Performance 

College of Health Sciences, Class of 2022

Project: "An Examination of the Motivators and Barriers to Blood Donation among African-Americans in Lexington, Kentucky"

Simone Bibbs

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minors in Cello Performance and Spanish

College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2022

Project: "The Role and Impact of Recovery Programs and Community Services on the Recovery and Reintegration of Survivors of Sex Trafficking"

Hannah Bowling

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

College of Public Health, Class of 2020

Project: "Identifying Facilitators and Barriers of Physical Activity in a Rural Trail Town"

May 2020 SPARK Program

In May of 2020, CHET launched a modified version of the SPARK Program due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Selected students were matched with faculty sponsors and engaged in data analysis projects. CHET provided remote training on research ethics, health equity, formulating research questions, literature reviews, project planning and management, and quantitative data and analysis. Students engaged with CHET and faculty sponsors in addressing research questions using provided datasets, and participated in professional development activities. Their efforts culminated in publications and research presentations at the 2021 Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences Annual Meeting. 

Roberto Obregon Garcia

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2021

Project: "Riskful drug-use behavior among people who use heroin in Washington Heights."

Alexis James

Bachelor of Science in Human Health Science, Minor in Biology

College of Health Sciences, Class of 2022

Project: “Exploring the Association Between Depression, Traumatic Life Events, and Coping Among Incarcerated African American Men.”

Hope Makumbi

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2021

Project: “Adult Education and Childhood Developmental Disorders.”