Introducing the Center for the Health Equity Transformation (CHET) at the University of Kentucky

CHET’s mission focuses on fostering innovative, transdisciplinary and impactful research and training to improve the health of the most vulnerable residents of Kentucky and beyond. A critical need for innovation and evidence: Kentuckians suffer tremendous health inequities. We have among the highest rates in the nation for cancer, substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. The good news is that most of these health problems are preventable or managed under the care of a clinician. 

CHET’s mandate to promote health equity stems from the toll these health challenges take on the lives of rural, racial/ethnic and sexual minorities, and lower socioeconomic status groups. Despite these sobering disparities, we have the capacity to achieve health equity. A transformative opportunity exists through a confluence of circumstances to optimize health equity research at UK including:

- The Kentucky legislature’s investment in a $265 million health disparities focused research building which opened in 2018;
- The implementation of UK’s strategic plan, which emphasizes health equity, transdisciplinary research, and community engagement across all 17 UK colleges and units;
- Expanding opportunities from foundations and federal funding agencies to investigate, address, and improve health equity; 

The newly established Center for the Health Equity Transformation (CHET) leverages the power and promise of innovative, rigorous research. With Associate Director, Dr. Carrie Oser, 15 founding affiliates, and over 100 affiliate members from across the 17 colleges at the University of Kentucky, CHET faculty conduct transdisciplinary research in cancer, substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, and related risk factors.
- CHET’s transformative research focuses on intervention, implementation, dissemination, and translational science to promote equity in health and healthcare for at-risk populations. In addition to its own faculty core, CHET offers the entire UK campus pilot grant competitions, speaker series, community outreach assistance, consultation and assistance in incorporating health equity concepts into grant proposals.
- We are recruiting collaborative, productive, and innovative faculty members. Please visit our opportunities page to learn more about these positions. 
- CHET’s commitment to training encompasses all academic career levels, from faculty to undergraduate students. In collaboration with the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and the College of Nursing, CHET co-sponsors the DREAM Scholars Program; pre and postdoctoral scholar training; and is developing an undergraduate student research program. 

Be a part of this new day for health in the Commonwealth! 

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Nancy E. Schoenberg, PhD, Director