We are pleased to announce that CHET is partnering with the mHealth Application Modernization and Mobilization Alliance (MAMMA) to fund two $25,000 grants focused on mHealth projects that help to improve health equity. Applications are due March 8, 2024. Pilot grant awardees will be able to work with a mobile app developer to create a new mHealth app or customize an existing mHealth app. Mobile app development services are provided to the successful applicant as part of the award.

All applications must address how the pilot project will (1) work with the MAMMA mobile app developer to create or modify a mHealth app in the first 6 months of the award period, (2) contribute to achieving health equity for a vulnerable population, and (3) obtain critical data to support an extramural grant submission that will promote health equity. 

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Any questions about the pilot grants can be directed to Mikhail Koffarnus (koffarnus@uky.edu) and Carolyn Lauckner (Carolyn.lauckner@uky.edu).