About the Study

The Criminal Justice Kentucky Treatment Outcome Study (CJKTOS) was implemented in April 2005 to examine the effectiveness of corrections-based substance abuse treatment programs.  CJKTOS includes baseline information collected from clients when they enter treatment and follow-up data one year after release from the correctional facility. This study compares client self-report information from the two data collections times and produces reports on changes in substance use and criminal justice involvement one year after release. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who participates in CJKTOS?
Publicly funded corrections-based substance abuse treatment programs.

Who is involved in participation?
Substance abuse treatment providers and clinicians collect client data during the first two weeks of treatment entry. They record clients’ self-reported information using  a web-based program. The data are considered baseline since they represent clients’ status prior to their incarceration. CJKTOS is a completely electronic data collection system, with no paper copies being used for interviews or record keeping. 

The follow-up interviews
On completion of the baseline interviews, clients are invited to participate in follow-up interviews 12 months after their release. They are provided with informed consent about participating, which means they truly volunteer to be a part of the study. If they consent to the study, they may be contacted 12 months after release for a follow-up interview. They are asked the same questions at follow-up as at baseline so that change from baseline to one year post-release can be measured. 

How confidential is CJKTOS?
CJKTOS has received a Certificate of Confidentiality from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that protects confidentially for research participants and clients. It means that the CJKTOS data can even be kept confidential and are not subject to court order. Reports do not include any client identifying data and all electronic data are kept in password protected computer files. 

More Questions?

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