About BHOS

The University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (UK CDAR) Behavioral Health Outcome Studies (BHOS) team has a long history of collaboration with a variety of agencies at the local, state, national and federal level to deliver research services and products. The BHOS team provides critical information for understanding behavioral health, including substance abuse and interpersonal violence, across the state of Kentucky, and to inform key stakeholders about program outcomes. 

Research by the BHOS team has:

  • Diverse expertise of faculty and staff who have a broad-based understanding of behavioral health outcomes including prevention and treatment of a variety of problems such as substance abuse and interpersonal violence as well as knowledge of research methods, evaluation expertise, and analytic tools.
  • Methodologically rigorous and secure data management protocols.
  • Ongoing technological advances in systems/products delivered. 
  • Exceptional follow-up rates.
  • Tailored clinical tools.
  • Comprehensive data analysis.
  • Tools and products that translate research findings for service providers, clients, policymakers, and other key stakeholders in communities across the state.
  • Proven experience in collaborating with a wide variety of key stakeholders and agencies.


The lab currently conducts five state-funded projects focused on substance abuse treatment or program outcomes. These projects help to inform key stakeholders about program outcomes and provides critical information to better understand behavioral health in Kentucky.

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BHOS has technical expertise to ensure quality data collection across many project locations which use a variety of devices and software programs, have differing levels of access to the internet, and have a diverse technological support at the facility level. BHOS faculty and staff have a strong commitment to customer service and technical assistance requests.

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Valid, reliable, and accurate data analysis is critical to any community-based research project. Sound protocols have been developed, based on the team’s years of experience, to maintain the integrity of data and to protect human participants. The team has expertise in conducting research that protects human participants from adverse outcomes and maintains confidentiality of information. 

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Research Products

BHOS develops a variety of translational research products including fact sheets, Findings at a Glance, PowerPoint slides, and In Focus reports using data from each project including KTOS, AKTOS, RCOS, KORTOS, and KY-MOMS MATR. The translational research products have been well-received by service providers who share these products with funding agencies, clients, legislators, and community members to promote their programs.

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TK Logan, PhD

TK Logan, PhD is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on violence against women, and has served as professor in the Department of Behavioral Science, College of Medicine, and the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research at the University of Kentucky for over 15 years. Her research and writings most recently have focused on protective order effectiveness, partner stalking, health disparities of rural women with partner violence experiences, and sexual assault.  Professor Logan is an author on over 125 research articles and four books and serves on the editorial board of three international journals and she is involved with several local, statewide, and national boards and organizations in working to prevent violence against women. 

Email: tklogan@uky.edu Phone: (859) 257-8248

Jennifer Cole, PhD

Jennifer Cole, PhD is currently appointed as a research title series assistant professor in the Department of Behavioral Science and the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research at the University of Kentucky. She is a faculty associate of the Center on Trauma & Children in the College of Medicine. Dr. Cole is Principal Investigator of an evaluation study of publicly-funded substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents in Kentucky (AKTOS) and she serves as Co-Investigator for two studies: a statewide evaluation of publicly-funded substance abuse treatment for adults (KTOS) and an evaluation of opiate replacement treatment in Kentucky (KORTOS). 

Email: jecole2@uky.edu Phone: (859) 257-9332

Jeb Messer

Jeb Messer is a graduate of UK and has worked at CDAR in all areas of IT since 1999. He developed the CDAR data collection systems and narrative reports and currently supervises and provides technical support, and consults with program directors.

Email: jeb.messer@uky.edu Phone: (859) 257-1400

Allison Scrivner

Allison Scrivner has served in various research roles at UK CDAR since 1999. Currently, she manages and analyzes data for the KY-MOMS MATR evaluation study and designs the annual reports, translational products and website for the Behavioral Health Outcome Studies team.

Email: almate00@uky.edu Phone: (859) 257-3218