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David Henson



  • MD/PhD Student

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  • College of Pharmacy

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I earned my B.A. in Biology and Chemistry at Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana. In 2014, I matriculated into the MD/PhD program at the University of Kentucky. During my first two years of medical school, I worked with Dr. Moises Huaman of the Division of Infectious Disease to study the relationship between tuberculosis and cardiovascular disease. For my graduate work, I joined Dr. Venditto's lab in the College of Pharmacy to study the role of antibodies in cardiovascular disease. During this period I identified a novel cardiovascular biomarker which correlated with cardiovascular disease outcomes and worked to characterize this biomarker for the duration of my graduate work. My long term career interest include an internal medicine residency program and continuing to work in academic medicine but I have not decided on a potential sub-specialty.


Current Year: M4
BA: Biology and Chemistry, Hanover College, Hanover Indiana
Hometown: Frankfort, KY


The interplay between the immune system and the development of cardiovascular disease has been well established and our understanding of this connection continues to grow. My curiosity of how the immune system alters disease positions me at the nexus of these fields with significant translational impact. My current project has the potential to improve patient care through the discovery of novel immune biomarkers capable of predicting disease outcomes. Through this research, I will develop tools to identify patients at high risk for cardiovascular disease progression and explore novel strategies to modulate the immune system to improve clinical outcomes.

Selected Publications

Henson, D., Samman-Tahhan, Azawi, T., D. Quyyumi, A., Venditto, V. Identification and characterization of a human anti-animal antibody profile inversely associated with adverse cardiovascular events. Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. In revisions.

Henson, D., Chou, C., Sakurai, N., Egawa, T. A Silencer-Proximal Intronic Region Is Required for Sustained CD4 Expression in Postselection Thymocytes. Journal of Immunology. 192(10), 4620-7. 2014.

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