Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The PhD program in epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Kentucky is intended to prepare professionals for a career in conducting population-based research and clinical trials. This is a unique program which strongly emphasizes the acquisition of applied skills in the complementary fields of epidemiology and biostatistics, as well as the theoretical foundations of these disciplines. Graduates of this program will be prepared to address the practical challenges of conducting population-based and clinical, translational research in the multidisciplinary work environments of academia, government, and industry.

Director of Graduate Studies: Wayne Sanderson, MS, CIH, PhD



The Graduate Center for Gerontology seeks to develop a translational model of thinking that engages the continuums of cell to society/society to cell and theory to practice. This perspective is foundational for focused student research within a flexible curriculum that allows specialization within a broad array of gerontological fields ranging from the biomedical to social and behavioral sciences. Faculty research interests include: Alzheimer’s disease (neurology, epidemiology, and care environments); decision-making (financial, housing, mobility, and health decisions); public policy (guardianship, ethics, elder abuse, and long-term care); health behaviors (epidemiology, diet and exercise, and disease perceptions); aging and environment (home, long-term care, place attachment, and life course dynamics).

Director of Graduate Studies: John F. Watkins, PhD


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