Clinical Rotations


Department of Psychiatry Addiction Clinics:

  • SMART Clinic: Group-based treatment of substance use disorders, including office-based medication-assisted treatment. (Continues all year, ½ day per week)
  • Beyond Birth Program: Multi-disciplinary treatment of substance use disorders in a population of women with children 5 and under. Includes group-based treatment and office-based medication-assisted treatment..
  • Continuity Clinic: The fellow’s personal clinic, offering treatment for a wide variety of substance use disorders. (Continues all year, half a day per week)

New Vista Narcotics Addiction Program: Community mental health center-based program for treatment of addiction, including with methadone maintenance.

Pathways Program: Clinic operated through the UK department of Obstetrics. Outpatient program for pregnant women with substance use disorders, providing multi-disciplinary treatment, including medication-assisted treatment.

Bridge Clinic: UK clinic that provides treatment of substance use disorder for patients transitioning from inpatient care.


Eastern State Hospital: State psychiatric hospital that provides care to patients with severe mental illness, often with comorbid substance use disorders.

The Ridge Behavioral Health System: Community program providing inpatient substance use disorder detoxification and rehabilitation for adults and adolescents.

Addiction Consult Education Service (ACES): Consultation service providing treatment of substance use disorders for patients hospitalized at UK Chandler Medical Center.

VA Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program: Residential treatment program providing care for substance us disorders, often with comorbid PTSD or other mental health conditions.

StepWorks: Community residential treatment program providing detoxification and rehabilitation for substance use disorders.

Medical Sub-Specialties

Infectious Disease: Participate in the management of patients with comorbid substance use disorders and various infectious diseases, including HIV, osteomyelitis, and endocarditis. 

Interventional Pain Management: Participate in pain management for patients with comorbid substance use disorders and chronic pain.

Hepatology: Participate in treatment of patients with comorbid substance use disorders and liver disease including hepatitis B/C and cirrhosis.

Scholarly Activity

Teaching: The fellow is expected to participate in the education of trainees at UK. They will be involved in bedside teaching on many of their clinical rotations with medical students and various residents and will develop and present lectures to the psychiatry residents covering topics in addiction.

Research: Various options are present for involvement in research. Mentorship is available and time will be protected in the clinical schedule for this if needed, depending on the nature of the project. Support for data analysis is available. Travel funding is available if a poster is accepted to the addiction medicine conference.


Education is a priority in this program and occurs during protected time and consists of a combination of the following:

  • Supervised reading
  • Didactic sessions
  • Case conferences
  • Online learning modules
  • Departmental Grand Rounds
  • Supervision sessions with faculty