Most of the training is done at the UK Medical Center. Neurosurgery rotations will include the VA Medical Center, UK Good Samaritan Hospital, as well as the possibility of subspecialty rotations.

The adjacent table summarizes the time spent within each rotation. Additional information regarding each rotation is located below the table.

Neurosurgery residency rotations
Neurosurgery Residency Rotations

PGY - 1

The rotations of this internship are designed to fill the needs of those planning for a neurosurgical career. This year of training is spent fulfilling the mandatory three months of critical care, a month on neurology, and a month split between neuropathology and neuroanatomy. The rest of the year is spent on service.


PGY - 2 and PGY - 3

The next two years are spent at the University of Kentucky on the neurosurgery service and neuroradiology services. The junior resident is responsible for consultations, the management of all ICU patients, and supervising the interns in the care of the floor census. At all times, a chief or senior-level resident is available for assistance to the junior call resident.

PGY - 4

This year is spent entirely on the neurosurgery service at the University of Kentucky. Q4 call is paired with the PGY-2 residents, and this resident provides guidance to the PGY-2s with regards to patient evaluation and management. They assist the PGY-2s with all bedside procedures (ventriculostomy, cervical traction, etc.) and assume the role of “floor chief," supervising the interns on the service. Each PGY-4 rounds on the floor census every day he/she is in the hospital. Each PGY-4 resident will choose a research mentor in preparation of the PGY-5 year.

PGY - 5

This year is divided between research and the VA hospital. Six months will be spent between the two with the VA neurosurgery service being managed by the PGY-5s. Operative cases are staffed with the attending on call at the VA.  While on research, the PGY-5 will remain knowledgeable of the VA neurosurgery service in order to fulfill VA call responsibilities. With no UK neurosurgery responsibilities, each PGY-5 resident is expected to have a productive year with regards to writing and publishing manuscripts.

PGY - 6

Residents this year split their time between UK and research/subspecialty training. Research projects established earlier in their residency continue or if subspecialty training is desired, spend his/her time at another institution. It is usually a Q4 chief call, but should a PGY-6 spend his/her subspecialty or research time at another institution, the other chief residents will be a Q3 chief call.

PGY - 7

The final year of the program is the chief resident year. The chief residents alternate administrative chief duties every three months. The administrative chief makes the call schedule, resident assignments, and assumes overall ownership of the UK neurosurgery service. Both chiefs must be knowledgeable of the entire patient census, and the junior residents are able to review consults or ask for guidance from either chief at any time.

Weekly Didactic Conferences for the Neurosurgery Department (schedules may be subject to change on occasion)
Time 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Tuesday | 6:45 - 7:15 a.m. Study Hall Spine Conference Vascular Conference Movement Disorder Conference
Wednesday | 6:45 - 7:15 a.m. Movement Disorder Conference M&M Conference Grand Rounds Grand Rounds Resident/Faculty Meeting
Thursday | 6:45 - 7:15 a.m. Neuropathology Critical Care Journal Club Epilepsy Surgery Conference * 5 p.m. - Tumor Conference (with Program Director)