The mission of the CHET Just-in-Time (JIT) grant mechanism is to enable health equity researchers to obtain small funding amounts to support competitive extramural grant applications, manuscripts submission fees, conference registrations, or support critical health equity training (directly related to an health equity research project). This small grants program is designed to support CHET members and affiliates in conducting health equity related work. Eligibility is limited to full-time faculty (all title series including regular, research, clinical and special) and post-doctoral fellows at the University of Kentucky who are CHET affiliates or CHET core faculty (to request CHET affiliation please complete the form here: https://medicine.uky.edu/centers/chet/become-and-affiliate ). The JIT grants are open to health equity studies affecting any vulnerable group or population affected by health disparities.

2 people:  one a provider and one sitting in a chair with a blood pressure monitor

Up to $2,000

Eligible investigators may apply for up to $2,000 annually from CHET. If you have received pilot or other award funding from CHET in the fiscal year, you will not be eligible for CHET JIT funding. The Just-in-Time funding must be spent within the fiscal year awarded. Awards are made on a rolling basis and will continue until funds have been expended. $10,000 will be available for JIT funding for this fiscal year.  

Funding is permitted for:

  • Publication or printing costs (with an accepted manuscript/conference submission – please provide documentation of acceptance),
  • Conference registration when extramural grant funding is not available (with an accepted presentation – please provide documentation of acceptance),
  • Health equity-relevant training (including for students or trainees, must be directly relevant to the applying faculty member’s health equity research study),
  • Small equipment/dataset purchase/software costs (must be directly relevant to a specific health equity research study and not otherwise covered by other funding)
  • Use of a UK core/shared resource facility
  • Student stipend (must be directly relevant to the applying faculty member’s health equity research study)
  • Standard research expenditures (not otherwise covered by other funding)

Funding is not permitted for:

  • Salary support for the PI or faculty collaborators
  • Office supplies
  • Meals
  • Conference Travel
  • Indirect costs

Review Criteria:

A review committee will examine each application for:

  • Significance of research project proposed
  • Relevance to health equity research
  • Need for the funding outside of other sources of funding
  • Future potential of the project to lead to future health equity external funding and research impact
  • Feasibility of project goals being accomplished within the fiscal year period and within the funding limit

Regulatory requirements:

If IRB is necessary for your project, please provide documentation of IRB approval before funding is released.

Reporting requirements:

All publications, presentations, and other creative activities resulting from this award must include the following acknowledgement: “Funding was provided, in part, by the Center for Health Equity Transformation (CHET) at the University of Kentucky.” One (1) page final report due at end of FY detailing use of funds, results of the JIT funding, and plans for future funding.


We are not currently accepting applications for this opportunity.

For questions please contact: CHET Research Committee Chair

Shyanika Rose, PhD, MA Assistant Professor, Center for Health Equity Transformation s.rose@uky.edu 

Application must include:

Online application form

Research Plan (1-2 pages)

  • Significance of research project associated with JIT funding request
  • Health equity relevance
  • Describe plans beyond the JIT funding including plans for seeking extramural funding (e.g., specify an RFA, FOA, or PAR with a projected application date) and/or manuscript publication
  • Include a timeline for use of JIT funds.

Budget/justification (1 page)

  • Provide justification for each budget item or category (maximum allowable $2000)
  • If it is part of a larger project, indicate why JIT funding is necessary to support the requested items (i.e., why it is not covered under the larger project funds)
  • If you have start-up funding available, please indicate why JIT funding is necessary to support the requested items

NIH or NSF style biosketch

References do not count toward page totals

Appendices (as needed)

letters of support (e.g., community partners, consultant, data or facilities needed to completed study), IRB approval, conference acceptance, manuscript acceptance, grant application comments.