The biology department graduate program provides a broad range of training opportunities that span faculty research interests in developmental genomics, evolutionary genetics, neurophysiology, and ecological and environmental science. Our graduate program is tailored to the specific interests of highly motivated students and encourages the use of integrative scientific approaches to resolve basic questions in this exciting discipline.

Director of Graduate Studies: David Westneat, PhD



The chemistry PhD program offers research programs across the wide array of chemical sciences. Areas of study available to MD/PhD students include numerous facets of analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. The chemistry program is highly interdisciplinary, with particular strengths in bioanalytical chemistry, materials chemistry, and in bio-inspired nanomaterials chemistry.

Director of Graduate Studies: Mark Lovell, PhD



The statistics department offers a doctoral program with two different tracks that students can choose from: A mathematical statistics track and a biostatistics track. Both tracks are designed to provide doctoral candidates with a firm foundation on probability theory, inference, and classical methodology. In addition, the theory and application of statistical computing, and graphical as well as computer-based inference are integral parts of the core curricula. The biostatistics track provides students the opportunity to focus on one important area of statistical research, namely on the methodology and application of statistics in the life sciences. There is no direct link between the mathematical statistics and biostatistics tracks in the MSc and the doctoral programs, respectively. That is, a student can pursue a MSc in the mathematical statistics track, and then a PhD in the biostatistics track.

Director of Graduate Studies: Constance Wood, PhD


Please note: this is not an exhaustive list and only includes programs with recent/active students enrolled. For more information about other programs or to be included in this directory, please contact Therese Stearns.