Become a Summer 2023 START Teacher Scholar!

START provides financial sponsorship for the 2023 UK STEM Teacher Workshop featuring unique, integrated sessions designed and delivered by faculty experts in STEM education, modeling and connecting to culturally relevant teaching practices with an explicit focus on aligning the work to the Kentucky Academic Standards (similar to NGSS and CCSSM). CONTACT START to inquire about sponsorship for summer 2023.

This summer, gain authentic STEM experiences in your area of interest. CONTACT START  to access a variety of opportunities for professional growth and networking within the STEM community. 

UK STEM Teacher Workshop

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The START Team conducts outreach in Fayette County classrooms, engaging students and highlighting an array of STEM topics through virtual and in-person talks, demonstrations, tours, and interactive learning. START showcases many areas of STEM study, curriculum, and career pathways, helping students envision their future in STEM.

START Teacher Scholar Program

Teachers can experience authentic research in labs on campus and beyond, and receive sponsorship to attend customized STEM teacher training workshops hosted by the Department of STEM Education at the University of Kentucky. Gain access to a variety of additional opportunities for professional growth and networking within the STEM community.

START Apprentice Program

As a START Apprentice, high school Juniors and Seniors explore career paths and make connections to a strong STEM community while receiving mentoring, academic development, and many tools for sustained STEM success. Apprentices are paired with trained UK mentors for authentic STEM experience on campus and beyond. Apprenticeships are available year-round and free parking is provided. Increase your student's STEM confidence - connect with START to begin a nomination.

START Teacher Scholar News

START Teacher Scholars participate in a STEM education workshop at the University of Kentucky

START Teacher Scholars participate in a STEM education workshop, hosted by the Department of STEM Education at the University of Kentucky. For more information on START teacher sponsorship opportunities, contact START.

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Authentic Learning Experiences Increase Students' STEM Performance


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