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OUTREACH: START puts STEM within reach with in-person classroom talks on a variety of STEM topics and career paths. Outreach includes presentations, online Q and A sessions with experts, live YouTube sessions, classroom tours, and more. We work with teachers and advisors to customize events. Talk with your teacher or advisor to schedule. 

EXPERIENCE: Interested in STEM careers but not sure where to START? There’s so much to explore! STEM is medicine, but it's also engineering, fabrication, agriculture, nutrition, aerospace, biology, chemistry, plant sciences, fermentation, mathematics, veterinary, neuroscience, computer science and much more. START provides exposure to a variety of STEM experiences on the UK campus and beyond through START Apprenticeships.

INCREASE YOUR STEM CONFIDENCE - BECOME AN APPRENTICE! Considering a career in STEM? Pair with trained UK mentors for authentic STEM experiences on campus and beyond.  Explore career paths and make connections to a strong STEM community while receiving mentoring, academic development, soft skills training, and tools for sustained success. Apprenticeships are offered throughout the school year and summer. 

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Speak to your Teacher and Academic Advisor to request a START virtual or in-person visit on a wide variety of STEM subjects.


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