The department of neuroscience provides instruction in human anatomy, histology, cytology, embryology, and neuroscience designed for students in the medical, dental, and allied health science professions and for undergraduate pre-professional students.

Elective courses are offered for advanced students and residents. The department also maintains strong research, graduate, and postdoctoral programs in the anatomical sciences with a special emphasis on neuroscience. The graduate, research, and teaching programs provide the academic background for students pursuing careers as faculty members in the basic medical sciences. The department's faculty members also offer an MD/PhD program and other opportunities for health science students to participate in basic medical science research programs.

The department's teaching philosophy is to provide current and clinically relevant content and concepts in the anatomical sciences for all health science students. Research activities enhance the teaching programs and provide regular and important contributions to a better understanding of the basic science aspects of human health problems. Teaching methods are selected to enhance the development of lifelong learning and problem-solving skills. These methods include large-group interactive sessions, small-group teaching, computer-assisted learning programs, and video technology.

Neuroscience assumes the primary responsibilities for instruction in the human structure and basic neuroscience blocks of the first year of the medical curriculum. Faculty members from surgery, diagnostic radiology, pathology, physiology, neurology, and psychiatry contribute to the planning and teaching of these integrated curriculum components.


Course Listing

Course Name Credit Hours Description
ANA 109 Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing I 4 Basic anatomy and physiology integrated to prepare freshman students for nursing. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 1 hour
ANA 110 Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing II 4 Basic anatomy and physiology integrated to prepare freshman students for nursing. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 1 hour
ANA 209 Principles of Human Anatomy 3 The structure of the human body will be examined at various levels: cellular, tissues and organ systems. The gross anatomical arrangement of the body will be studied in a system-by-system format relating structure to function and the fundamentals of human embryology/malformation with adult anatomy. The central nervous system will be emphasized.
ANA 394/395 Independent Research in Anatomy and Neurobiology (contract required) Designed to provide students with an intensive experience in laboratory or field research. Participants should take an active role in the design and execution of experiments and in the analysis and interpretation of data.
ANA 394/395 Independent Research in Anatomy and Neurobiology (contract required)  1-3 Designed to provide students with an intensive experience in laboratory or field research. Participants should take an active role in the design and execution of experiments and in the analysis and interpretation of data. They should be capable of "independent research" in the sense that they can conduct the experiments with little direct supervision.
ANA 410G Neurobiology of Brain and Spinal Cord Disorders 3 Multidisciplinary discussion of neurodegenerative diseases and neurologic disorders. The course objective is to provide an in depth understanding of the basic science and clinical symptoms of selected neurologic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases
ANA 417G Functional Human Anatomy 3 This course provides an introductory level of understanding of human central nervous system (CNS) anatomy and function.
ANA 442 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology 3 Designed to be an introductory course for undergraduate students aimed at providing an overview of major principles and techniques associated with cellular and molecular neurobiology.
ANA 503 Independent Work in Anatomy 3 Reading and laboratory work in a defined area of anatomy are carried out under the direct supervision of one staff member.
ANA 512 Microscopy and Ultrastructure 4 The organization of cells, tissues and organs are presented through lectures and in the laboratory, through the microscopic study of histological sections and illustrations.
ANA 516 Selected Topics in Neuroscience 3 Covers advanced topics in neuroscience. Topics include: neural pathways, development, neuroanatomy, neurobiochemistry, neuropharmacology, neural imaging and molecular neuroscience
ANA 530 Combined Histology and Special Oral   Miroanatomy 5 An analysis of the histological structure and or- ganization of the human body, including an especially detailed treatment of the tissues and organs related to the oral cavity.
ANA 534 Dental Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Embryology 3 This class presents principles of human anatomy, integrated with embryology and neuroanatomy and with particular emphasis on the head and neck to first year dental students
ANA 600 Seminar in Anatomy 1 A weekly seminar devoted to presentation and discussion of classic and new research in the field
ANA 605 Neurobiology of CNS Injury and Repair 3 The objective of the course will be to provide a general overview of the current state of knowledge concerning the pathophysiology and therapeutic approaches to central nervous system injury.
ANA 609 Educational Strategies in the Anatomical Sciences 3 This course informs on and examines multiple aspects of teaching the Anatomical Sciences
ANA 631 Advanced Human Anatomy 3-5 The objective of this course is to meet individual student needs for increased knowledge in particular areas of gross human morphology.
ANA 636 Advanced Neuroscience 5 This course will consist of a comprehensive examination of the nervous system. Emphasis will be placed on structure-function relationships, neurotransmitters, chemical constituents of the nervous system, neuronal as well as non-neuronal cells, plasticity of the nervous system and developmental biology
ANA 748 Master's Thesis Research 0
ANA 749 Dissertation Research 0
ANA 767 Dissertation Residency Credit 2 Residency credit for dissertation research after the qualifying examination. Students may register for this course in the semester of the qualifying examination.
ANA 768 Residence Credit for Master's Degree 1-6 This course is for residence credit for the Master's Degree candidates
ANA 780 Special Topics in Neurobiology 3 A lecture/seminar course offered based on contemporary topics in neurobiology. Course is designed to offer different emphasis in a given year and to cover timely topics.
ANA 790 Research in Anatomy 1-12 Individualized laboratory and research experience under the supervision of a faculty member. 
ANA 801 Histology for Physical Therapy Students 1 A survey of selected basic and specialized mammalian tissues most commonly involved in diseases treated by physical therapists. The course provides information required for understanding the cellular mechanisms behind the various diseases and the rationale for subsequent treatment.
ANA 802 Neuroanatomy for Physical Therapy   Students 2 Emphasis is placed upon the morphological basis for progressively higher levels of control of activity from the simple reflex to voluntary motor activities controlled by the cerebral cortex.
ANA 811 Human Anatomy for Allied Health   Professions 5 A dissection-based gross anatomy course designed to present the principles of the human body in a regional format with special emphasis on functional/clinical anatomical relationships.
MD 814 Clinical Anatomy and Radiology 9 This course presents an integrated approach to the core gross and microscopic anatomy within the clinical context. Students will correlate basic anatomy into the interpretation of both radiologic images and physical examination findings. This course builds a foundation for the understanding of human anatomy essential to the remainder of the medical curriculum.
MD 817 Neurosciences 6 This course is an integrated presentation of relevant topics in human neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropathology, neuropharmacology, and some microbiology as well as introductory correlations with neurology.
ANA 850 Applied Human Anatomy 1-6 With the advice and approval of the faculty adviser and the Student Progress and Promotions Committee, the fourth-year student may choose approved electives offered by the various departments in the College of Medicine

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