Postdoctoral researchers represent an integral component of the scientific community. They bring a level of technical and intellectual support to the laboratory that is invaluable not only to their mentors, but to students and technical staff working with them as well.

The University of Kentucky Medical Center is committed to promoting and improving the postdoctoral research experience. The University of Kentucky College of Medicine Office of Postdoctoral Affairs was established to provide services to support and enhance the professional experiences of postdoctoral scholars engaged in research training in the College of Medicine.

It also provides information and resources to faculty and staff seeking to assist these scholars. Productive postdoctoral scholarship is critical to the development of successful scientists in academia and industry, and the college values this contribution to the research effort at UK. In addition, we value postdoctoral scholars' contribution to the cultural and intellectual diversity of our community.

See also the University of Kentucky Society of Postdoctoral Scholars page for information on postdoc specific events, symposia, and resources. 



University of Kentucky distinguishes between three types of postdoctoral appointments as per Administrative Regulation 5:1

Postdoctoral Scholar

“Postdoctoral scholar” means an individual who has an earned doctoral degree and is pursuing an individualized program of advanced training in research, in teaching or other aspects of academic work, or any combination of these activities. Although participation in the program provides advanced training, an academic assignment is required as a condition of appointment with salary. A postdoctoral scholar is both a temporary academic staff employee and a postdoctoral student.

Postdoctoral Fellow

“Postdoctoral fellow” means an individual who has an earned doctoral degree and is a recipient of a fellowship or training award. Through such an award, a postdoctoral fellow receives a stipend or living allowance (neither of which are considered salary) from grant funds provided specifically for a particular field of study or training. No academic assignment is required as a condition of receiving the stipend.  A postdoctoral fellow is a postdoctoral student but not an employee.

Visiting Scholar

“Visiting scholar” means an individual who is pursuing an independent program of research at the University or is participating in an existing research program, ordinarily while on leave from another professional position. Because of a visiting scholar’s advanced training and experience beyond that of an apprentice or learner, they are excluded from designation as a postdoctoral scholar or fellow.  A visiting scholar need not have a doctoral degree, but must have significant scholarly experience. A visiting scholar is temporary academic staff. Appointments as visiting scholars are normally without salary from the University.

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