The START Program seeks to enhance recruitment and retention of first generation and underrepresented populations in STEM by providing outreach to middle and high school classes, via in-person and virtual STEM talks and tours. In addition to outreach, the START Apprentice Program pairs high school Juniors and Seniors with UK student mentors, to participate in authentic research experiences at the University of Kentucky and beyond. START conducts certified, credentialed mentor training opportunities for UK students and provides sponsorship to Fayette County teachers enrolling in the UK STEM Teaching Workshop, an opportunity for teachers to access STEM instructional resources, network within the STEM community, and attend sessions led by UK faculty experts in STEM.


The START Program pipeline facilitates transitions through STEM education pathways, from middle school through graduate school. Using mentors, teachers, labs, research experiences, and outreach programs, the STEM pipeline encourages underrepresented students to engage with the STEM community and envision a future in STEM. 

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