STEM occupational demand continues to increase, but many students lack key experiences and road maps to consider STEM careers. First generation, female, disabled, and students of color remain underrepresented in STEM. The START Program aims to strengthen and diversify the STEM community and enrich future STEM higher education, research, and innovation. START sponsors STEM teacher professional development and provides mentorship and authentic STEM experiences to underrepresented students, from middle school through graduate school.

START Envisioning

TEACHERS: LEARN ABOUT SUMMER 2023 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT! Spend a few weeks in a research lab or receive START sponsorship to attend a workshop led by the UK College of STEM Education. Click the above photo for more information on START sponsored professional development.

START Apprenticing

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: APPLY FOR APPRENTICESHIP! The START Apprentice Program pairs rising juniors and seniors (age 16+} with trained mentors to have authentic STEM experiences on campus and beyond. Receive coaching, academic development, and access to the STEM community while gaining robust tools for sustained STEM success.

START Empowering

BECOME A START MENTOR! START is currently recruiting UK undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about student access to STEM. The START Apprentice program pairs Mentors with high school juniors and seniors and provides credentialed Mentor training. You have so much to offer an aspiring STEM student - get involved!


INCREASE YOUR STEM CONFIDENCE - BECOME AN APPRENTICE! Considering a career in STEM? Pair with trained UK mentors for authentic STEM experiences on campus and beyond.  Explore career paths and make connections to a strong STEM community while receiving mentoring, academic development, soft skills training, and tools for sustained success. Apprenticeships are offered throughout the school year and the summer.

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