Biochemical Shared Equipment

Biochemical shared equipment at the indicated location in BBSRB can be used by any trained member of the department. Contact Dr. Emilia Galperin or Jonathan Oepping for training or any issues. 

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  • Bacterial Shaker (B226) 
  • Chemidoc (B106E, B136A, B236) 
  • Luminescent plate reader (B116-31) 
  • Microfluidizer (B116, B226) 
  • Nanodrop (B106E, B136A, B236) 
  • Preparative centrifuges (B106E, B116, B136, B226) 
  • Scintillation counter (B116, B226) 
  • Speedvac (B236E) 
  • SPEX (B106E) 
  • Sonicator (B136E) 
  • Typhoon (B236A) 
  • Ultracentifuges (B116, B226)

Specialized Equipment

Specialized equipment can be accessed by directly contacting the person indicated.