About the Research Study

The REACT (Researching Equity-Advancing Counter Tobacco Policies on Flavors) study engages local partners in order to recruit participants for an online study about the impact of tobacco product advertising and policies on youth and young adults. Specifically, the REACT study aims to assess the impact of local flavor policies on flavored tobacco use across communities, observe how comprehensive policies affect exposure to tobacco marketing and use, and examine the equity implications of local flavored tobacco product policies on racial/ethnic minoritized youth and young adults and those of lower SES. Eligible participants complete a baseline survey and enroll in a digital application that delivers real-time mini surveys three times per day for 14 days on their phone. This app also collects geolocation points when mini-surveys are completed. Follow-ups are done at two weeks and six months. 

Interested participants or those with questions can contact Shyanika Rose, PhD, via email at s.rose@uky.edu.

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