LGBTQ* Advisory Committee

This committee provides recommendations to promote a LGBTQ affirming environment. The committee supports PRIDE week, the SAFE pledge initiative, and other programmatic initiatives. This committee is inclusive of faculty, staff, and learners within the College of Medicine.

At the College of Medicine, diversity is valued, inclusion is imperative, and belonging is foundational. By signing the SAFE pledge, wearing a SAFE badge, and displaying an electronic safe badge in your email signature, you are conveying your commitment to these ideas and announcing your commitment to share a safe space with your colleagues through tangible action. 

headshot of hunter

Hunter Campbell

Positions Held:
  • Learner
  • medPRIDE Representative

Coy Flowers, MD

Positions Held:
  • Associate Professor
  • Division and Medical Director, UK Women’s Health – Georgetown
headshot of landys

Landys Guo

Positions Held:
  • Learner

Nikita Gupta, MD

Positions Held:
  • Associate Residency Program Director
  • Assistant Professor
  • Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Minus Helton, MD

Positions Held:
  • Resident

Ashley Montgomery MD

Positions Held:
  • Clinical Faculty

Sindhura Tadisetty

Positions Held:
  • Research Associate Clinical III

Crystal F Totten, MD

Positions Held:
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Co-Vice Chair of Professionalism, Integrity, and Equity
Headshot of court

Court Waterbury

Positions Held:
  • Learner - MedPride Outreach Coordinator

Diversity and Inclusion Pillar Work Group

The Diversity and Inclusion Pillar of the College of Medicine strategic plan is charged with enhancing all forms of diversity through education, recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, and initiatives that provide experiences to ensure inclusive excellence. The work group develops and oversees goals and tactics that support our ability to create a culture of character and shared community that values diversity, strives for inclusion, and embraces equity.