Our Mission

We will advance the UK College of Medicine’s vision to engage in transformative research and provide an exceptional education that improves the health and wellness of Kentuckians and beyond by providing intentional initiatives that promote and maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Our Vision

To cultivate an environment that is representative, equitable, and welcoming for faculty, staff, and learners across the College of Medicine and contributes to the growth and development of advocates for change.

Our Domains

Towards achievement of the goals outlined in our strategic plan, ODEI intentionally creates engagement opportunities and initiatives for faculty, staff, and learners. These opportunities can be best organized into five domains.


By providing a spectrum of ongoing educational opportunities, ODEI will foster an environment that leans into discussions that involve diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as how these issues relate to medicine. These ongoing activities include but are not limited to workshops, group activities, book clubs, and more.


Inclusion is the reflection of the culture of the College of Medicine. This domain strives to create opportunities to recognize and celebrate our diverse community.


Understanding the impact of our collective power, we work collaboratively across the college to accomplish our shared goals and utilize opportunities to support one another and advocate for change.


A diverse medical and scientific workforce is essential to advance innovation and best care for of our most vulnerable communities. To that end, the ODEI is dedicated to developing and supporting the recruitment of diverse learner, staff, and faculty.

Community Engagement

In order to meet the needs of the Commonwealth, ODEI works collaboratively with and through rural, urban, and traditionally underrepresented communities to develop learning opportunities that inspire the next generation of learners and works to produce a diverse and competent workforce that is ready to serve.