The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is proud to announce the Diversity and Inclusion Microlearning Series, which includes both video modules and pdf handouts, created in collaboration with subject matter experts to provide additional training for the College of Medicine faculty, staff, and learners.

The first of this series are the Health Equity Modules, created in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences. Ranging between five and 10 minutes, these informative, engaging, evidence-based, and practical mini-lessons cover a variety of issues related to health equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

If you have any questions, or ideas for future topics, please email

Food Insecurity and Other Rural Health Disparities

Alison Gustafson, PhD, MPH, RD

Downloadable PDF

Supporting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Gender Diverse and Transgender Individuals  

Ellen D. B. Riggle, PhD

Downloadable PDF

Adoptive Families

Rachel Farr, PhD

Downloadable PDF

Refugees and Trauma

Mary Beth McGavran, PhD

Downloadable PDF

Sleep Health Equity

Lauren Whitehurst, PhD

Downloadable PDF

Language barriers, deportation concerns, and other acculturation issues among Latinx immigrants

Angel Armenta, PhD

Downloadable PDF

Intimate Partner Violence

Christal Badour, PhD

Downloadable PDF

LGBTQ+ Health Disparities

Christia Spears Brown, PhD

Downloadable PDF