Primary Follow-Up Care

Established in 1982, the physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic provides primary follow-up care for patients who are recovering from traumatic incidents such as head or spinal cord injuries, strokes, amputations, and various surgeries. Our goal is to help medically stabilize patients with acute, subacute, and chronic musculoskeletal injuries to regain as much functional ability as can be expected in a reasonable period of time under the care of a specially trained interdisciplinary team. We provide general musculoskeletal services, specialized services such as independent medical evaluations, impairment ratings, and manual manipulation techniques, and specialty clinics in pursuit of that goal.

Specialty Clinics


Two faculty members conduct multiple half-day electrodiagnosis clinics each week. This schedule allows about a 15-20 EMG/nerve conduction studies each week. These procedures help make diagnoses and prognoses by determining the level and severity of an injury.

Amputee Clinic

This clinic provides comprehensive services to individuals with amputations.

Spasticity Clinic

This is a comprehensive clinic for individuals with spasticity due to neurological insults such as spinal cord/head injury, stroke, or multiple sclerosis. Treatment includes oral medications, phenol/botulinum toxin injections, and the intrathecal lioresal delivery system.

Dwan Perry, D.O.

Dwan Perry, DO

Dr. Perry is a fellowship trained, and board certified sports medicine physiatrist (ABPMR/AOBPMR) with certificate of added qualification with training in musculoskeletal ultrasound, electrodiagnosis, musculoskeletal medicine including peripheral joint injections, regenerative techniques (PRP, ABI, Prolotherapy), and manual techniques. Dr. Perry has previous and current experience with team sports (including interscholastic, collegiate, and professional). He has experience with multiple levels of athletic participation including pediatric athletes, Division I collegiate athletes from Virginia Tech and Radford Universities, FedEx Cup PGA Tour Golf experience, the Virginia Commonwealth Games, and meeting the needs of “weekend warriors." His clinical experiences include injury prevention, pre-participation evaluation, return to play criteria, management of acute and chronic illness and injury, rehabilitation, ultrasound guided injection techniques, and osteopathic manipulative techniques.

Staff Physicians