Several Levels of Services

Basic Analytical Services

  • The client will supply raw tissue/cells/media with a request for sample processing with NMR and/or MS analyses
  • OR the clients supply metabolite extracts with a request for standard NMR and/or MS analyses.
  • Then the Center prepares the extracts accordingly, records the appropriate spectra under standard operating conditions, and returns the raw data to the client.
  • OR the Center prepares the extracts accordingly, records the appropriate spectra under standard operating conditions, and reduces the data to a list of quantified identified metabolites with respect to the current databases, with isotopomer and isotopologue distributions when appropriate.

Experimental Design

  • The client consults with the Center leadership on the overall goals to develop a detailed plan for the experimental design, numbers of samples, sample handling and integrity, numbers of analytes and analytical platforms, number and types of tracers to be used.

Guidance on Mechanism-Based Analysis and Omics Integration

  • The Center will assist in mechanism-based biochemical interpretation, which includes relevant metabolic pathway analysis and integration of metabolic data with other streams of information such as transcriptomics, proteomics, and functional annotations.
  • Beyond rudimentary guidance, this will require collaboration.

Custom Services

  • The Center will work with clients to develop new methods and standard operating procedures that address their specific needs.
  • In vivo NMR experiments (e.g. preclinical mouse model studies) will always be under this category.
  • Custom services will usually incur the highest rates, and will require collaboration where new methods or assays are developed.
  • Data acquired elsewhere is considered custom services, because data analysis and interpretation are integral with experimental design and sample analysis execution.  In most cases, data required elsewhere will require very considerable data analysis labor charges due to creation of new workflow, and likely to be turned down due to shortage of resources.  In ALL cases, raw instrument data must be provided, and CESB may not be able to process such instrument-specific data files.


Richard M. Higashi

Director, Mass Spectrometry

Teresa W-M. Fan

Director, Sample Preparation

Andrew N. Lane

Director, NMR

Rate Schedule

All rates stated are based on estimates from recharge rate calculation spreadsheets (RRC) that annually balance Center expenditures with projected income for each chargeable operation (e.g. each instrument, sample preparation technique, informatics computer usage).

See cost estimator here.


Common Isotopically Enriched Precursors

´╗┐Compound CIL # Isotec #
[U-13C]-glucose CLM-1396-PK * 389374-1G *
[U13C, 15N]-Gln CNLM-1275-H-PK 607983-500MG
13C1,2 Glucose CLM-504-1 * 453188-1G
[U-13C, 15N] L Serine CNLM-474-H-0.5 608130-250MG
[U-13C]-octanoate CLM-3981-PK 605727
[U-13C]-palmitate CLM-409-0.5 605573-100MG
99.9% D2O DLM-11-100 151882-100G
70% D2O DLM-2259-70-1L 613428-1KG

* means not microbiology nor S*&P tested. OK for cell culture.


  • 1 g glucose = 5.37 mmol
  • 0.5 g Gln = 3.27 mmol
  • 0.5 g serine = 4.13 mmol
  • 0.5 g palmitate = 1.85 mmol

NMR Tubes

  • 3 mm Shigemi: $95 each
  • Wilmad Tubes
    • Regular 3 mm (Wilmad): $17.18 each - 335-PP-7
    • Regular 5 mm (Wilmad): $19.19 each - 535-PP-7

Data Reduction

All non-automated and semi-automated data analyses will cost $50/h for academic Clients and $150/h for industrial Clients.

  • All automated analyses, requiring less than 1 CPU-core h of execution time, will cost $5 per sample dataset.
  • Automated analyses requiring more than 1 CPU-core h will be charged $5 for the first CPU-core h and $1 for each additional CPU-core h.

Service Examples

13C Dispersal from Glucose into Krebs Cycle, Glycolysis

Cost Rate Rate/Sample
Sample Processing $30
Tier M GCMS $55
14.1 T NMR $20*
Tota l= $117

* NMR and its data analysis charges are hourly. Thus per sample charges are estimated.

13C and 15N Dispersal from Glutamine into Mononucleotides

Cost Rate Rate/Sample
Sample Processing -
Tier E FTMS $75
14.1 T NMR $25*
Total = $140**

*  NMR and its data analysis charges are hourly. Thus per sample charges are estimated.
**  Further detailed isotope labeling is data processing costs only.

"Global" 13C Lipidomics from labeled Glucose or Glutamine

Cost Rate Rate/Sample
Sample Processing $30
Tier B FTMS $75
Additional Data Processing $40*
Total = $145*

*  Data processing costs can be a black hole, depending on level of detail required.