A program designed to assist MSI faculty through each stage of the NIH proposal process.



We offer two types of in-person workshops that orient participants to the research funding process. 



Our team provides one-on-one support to help MSI faculty refine the scientific content of their grant application.

1) Virtual Training, 2) Host a Campus Workshop, 3 & 4) UK Campus Workshop and Faculty Mentoring


You are interested in funding your research and looking for a broad introduction or a topic update.


You are considering a funding opportunity and looking for an in-depth learning experience.


You have promising science and are committed to completing an NIH grant submission.

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These are expert-guided, online sessions that focus on strategies to develop your competitive research proposal. While structured around the NIH R01 funding mechanism, the content presented is applicable across other funding opportunities. The presentations provide concise overviews and address areas of interest to build a strong foundation for funding success. Recent topics include Upgrades to the Biographical Sketch, Writing a High-Impact Specific Aims, NIH Funding Mechanisms, and Navigating the NIH Resubmission.

Who Should Attend?

These presentations are helpful for MSI faculty (and colleagues supporting research efforts) getting started with the proposal process or needing a refresher on a specific topic.

When is the Next Presentation?

Visit our events page for upcoming presentations, and join our email list by clicking the button below so we may keep you informed as new topics are scheduled. 

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We offer two models for multiple-day workshops that are free, comprehensive, and tailored to orient participants to all aspects of the research funding process. One, hosted on or near your campus, is for those considering a funding opportunity and looking for an in-depth learning experience. The second takes place on our University of Kentucky campus for those with promising science committed to completing an NIH grant submission. Experts are onsite in each scenario, providing attendees the information and tools needed to write persuasive, competitive grant proposals.

Host a Workshop On Your Campus

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Room full of iMERS workshop attendees
iMERS workshop speaker

iMERS conducts a select number of campus workshops throughout the year designed to demystify the NIH application process. Hosted at MSIs that have expressed interest, iMERS sends our team of experts to conduct a comprehensive two-day workshop of lectures, activities, and discussions on grant writing topics customized for the audience.

Institutional Host

Invite research faculty and support staff from your campus who are interested in pursuing NIH funding opportunities.

Regional Host

Extend your reach and invite research faculty and support staff from regional institutions to attend your workshop. See our events page for hosted workshops we currently have scheduled.

How Do I Host?

Hosting requires planning, organization, and frequent, ongoing communication with your workshop registrants and our program coordinator. iMERS has conducted hosted workshops nationwide and will provide guidelines to help ensure your event is successful.

DOWNLOAD OUR PDF for more details on how to host a workshop, or click the button below to submit a request. 

Attend Our UK Campus Workshop

University of Kentucky campus from W.T. Young Library view point

Our most immersive training takes place on the University of Kentucky campus each spring and fall over three consecutive days. Successful applicants will have an expense-paid opportunity to attend didactic lectures, participate in interactive exercises, and work with a faculty mentor for personalized support following the workshop.

Who Should Apply?

Faculty at MSIs are encouraged to apply for this training opportunity. At this time, applicants may nominate a research development, administration, or leadership colleague at their institution to join them for the event.

What is Required?

Attending this workshop requires an application process for MSI faculty with promising science and a strong desire to complete the NIH submission process. Ideal candidates will have outlined a research project and prepared a Specific Aims draft to upload with their application.

DOWNLOAD OUR PDF for more details about our UK Campus Workshop and the application process. 

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For faculty accepted into the three-day UK Workshop, iMERS will assign a mentor to guide them through the NIH application process to final submission. While the structure of each mentoring relationship will vary according to individual needs, what our mentors share is a commitment to supporting new researchers. This commitment includes helping them disseminate information, implement best practices, and hone their biomedical research – while providing the constructive feedback and encouragement needed for successful submission.