General outline for inviting a DDLS speaker:

  1. Each of the Major Focus Areas (Cancer, Cardiovascular, Diabetes/Obesity, Drug Abuse and Addiction, Neuroscience) will recommend a speaker to the Dean. The recommendation should include the process used to nominate a speaker, including the departments and centers involved in the nomination.
  2. In addition, there will be one nominee from Medical Students, a presentation from PostDoc award winners, and one additional lecture slot for topics that are outside of the above areas, 
  3. The Research Leadership Team will review the recommendation and either approve or disapprove the recommendation.
  4. For approved recommendations, the thematic area should identify a contact person/host to work with the Dean’s office to identify potential dates. This contact person will follow up with a formal invitation to the speaker. The Dean’s office, host and speaker will work together to find a date for the presentation.


Division of Financial Responsibilities

The Dean’s office will pay for:

  1. Travel and hotel (maximum of $1,000; airfare must be coach class)
  2. Honorarium ($1500)

The host is responsible for:

  1. Arranging travel 
  2. Ground transportation
  3. Meals with the speaker
  4. Speaker gift
  5. Any extracurricular activities such as Keeneland, sporting events, etc. 

Division of Organizational Responsibilities

The Dean’s office will coordinate:

  1. Website calendar
  2. Publicity, in conjunction with host
  3. Honorarium

The host and thematic area will coordinate:

  1. Travel and hotel arrangements
  2. Venue
  3. Itinerary
  4. Publicity, in conjunction with the Dean’s office