A former professor of biochemistry at Purdue University, Dr. Liu is a graduate of Peking University in Beijing and received his doctorate from Washington State University. He has been published more than 80 times including work in Oncogene, Cancer Research, PNAS and EMBO and is an internationally renowned presenter and lecturer.

While at Purdue, Dr. Liu received several awards for teaching and discovery. He also was recognized as The American Cancer Society Research Scholar – a lifetime honor, the Howard Temin Award from the National Institutes of Health, the Don Wiley Award provided by Merck, and was named a Showalter University Faculty Scholar. 

Along with these career achievements, Dr. Liu is the PI on four R01 grants, including “Improving chemotherapy of castration-resistant prostate cancer,” “Treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer,” “Overcoming drug resistance of castration-resistant prostate cancer,” and “Enhancing anti-neoplastic activity of metformin in prostate cancer.”