Jonathan Gallup is a second year Masters of Forensic Toxicology and Analytical Genetics student. Below is a little about Jonathan and why he chose our program: “My name is Jonathan Gallup and I’ve always had a passion for chemistry; however, my interest in toxicology wasn’t really present until my senior year of college at Clemson University. I took my first toxicology class as an elective that year and it opened a world of possibilities for me, which led me to come to the University of Kentucky for my Master's in Forensic Toxicology. I chose this program because it will allow me to further pursue knowledge in toxicology while also helping others by working to find the truth and the cold, hard, scientific facts of crime cases. With excellent professors like Mike Ward, Dr. Isabel Mellon, and Dr. Nathan Vanderford, I’ll be trained in not only the scientific theory of forensic science, but also as an expert witness. A large part of our program also covers the ethical dilemmas that come with the responsibility of presenting the unbiased truth. As forensic scientists, it is not our job to bring justice, but to uphold scientific integrity and share the knowledge we find with others so that they can carry out a verdict. After I graduate, I plan to work for a forensic lab for a few years then eventually pursue my Ph.D. in Forensic Toxicology.”