A new book co-written by Nathan Vanderford, University of Kentucky assistant professor in the Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology, guides STEM graduate and postdoctoral students in their career planning by evaluating goals and finding the steps to be taken to achieve them.

In ReSearch: A Career Guide for Scientistsauthors Nathan L. Vanderford, Teresa M. Evans and Natalie Lundsteen help students with their career planning practices, particularly in the sciences. This step-by-step guide provides global perspectives and strategies on seeking career opportunities.

“The overall goal of the book is to provide graduate trainees with the knowledge they need to effectively plan and prepare for their careers while navigating an evolving job market,” Vanderford said.

Vanderford was recently named a recipient of the UK Alumni Association 2017 Great Teacher Award for outstanding teaching performance. His course, "Preparing Future Professionals," is open to all students regardless of their training stage and offers instruction on basic skill sets needed in a competitive job market. Vanderford also serves as assistant director for research in the UK Markey Cancer Center and assistant dean for academic development in the UK College of Medicine.