Mary Vore was recently awarded the 2014 William R. Willard Award. This award is the College’s highest honor given to individuals who have made singular contributions to the College’s missions in research, teaching and service. Educated at Asbury College, Mary obtained her Ph.D. in pharmacology at Vanderbilt University. She returned to Kentucky as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and rose through the ranks to Professor in 1986. Beginning with her role as Vice-Chair, Mary displayed her administrative abilities and subsequently held a number of other positions leading up to her current roles as Director of the Graduate Center for Toxicology and Chair of the Department of Toxicology. Through the many changes in reporting relationships, Mary’s leadership of the Toxicology program was appreciated by all who had an opportunity to work with her. Dan Reedy, former Dean of the Graduate School, echoed the sentiments of the Selection Committee when he said that Mary is a “person well-deserving of any recognition that is bestowed on her.” Mary’s success derives in part from her ability to “lead-by-example”. She has a distinguished record of grant funding, publications, contributions to her profession, training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and teaching excellence. We welcome Mary as the newest member of “Willard awardees”.