With the ongoing pandemic, we've had to transition some courses to online instruction so that our students continue to make progress toward their degrees. For the Master's of Forensic Toxicology & Analytical Genetics program, one such course is TOX 880: Ethics and Professional Practice in Forensics Science and Analytical DNA. This course trains students in professional practices as they relate to forensics scientists in a modern crime laboratory or DNA testing laboratory (public or private). This course has 3 focuses: 1) Scientific integrity, ethical behavior, ethics standards, and various examples of ethics violations and misconduct in the forensic science and DNA analysis fields; 2) Education and training in quality assurance programs and practices and the audit and accreditation processes; and 3) Relationships between forensic science or DNA analysis and the legal system and will include courtroom testimony procedures and oral mock-court scenarios to train the student as an expert witness in the courtroom setting. Thank you to all of our students and faculty that have worked hard to adapt to online and hybrid instruction over the past year!
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