The Department of Toxicology & Cancer Biology would like to congratulate all of our students that recently passed their qualifying exams! From left to right: Caitlin Miller (Mentor: Dr. Luksana Chaiswing) Kassie Naughton (Mentors: Dr. Christine Brainson and Dr. Haining Zhu) Hannah Daniels (Mentor: Dr. Eva Goellner) Kristen Miller (Mentor: Dr. Eva Goellner) Aziza Alshahrani (Mentor: Dr. Qiou Wei) Na Ding (Mentor: Dr. Qiou Wei) Xinyi Wang (Mentor: Dr. Xiaoqi Liu) Katelyn Jones (Mentor: Dr. Xiaoqi Liu) Courtney Kelson (Mentor: Dr. Kate Zaytseva)
July 2021 - Post-Qual.jpg